DIY Monstera Leaf Catch-All Dish

DIY Monstera Leaf Catch-All Dish

All hail the almighty Monstera, am I right? People go bananas over this plant and I have to admit, as do I. Is it just me or is it physically impossible to resist anything Monstera related? It’s definitely on trend this year but it’s a pretty timeless houseplant too so I wanted to hop on the bandwagon and create a ring/jewelry/catch-all dish in the shape of the ever-popular Monstera. Without further ado, let’s get started!

FYI: This dish is not supposed to look like the perfectly-shaped pottery ones. They’re intentionally a little quirky and organic looking, which I think is a better fit the DIY factor of this fun project.

Okay to get started, you’ll need these supplies:



- Air-dry OR oven-bake clay (I used air dry for this tutorial)
- Sculpey Glaze
- Paint Brushes
- X-Acto Blade
- Sandpaper
- Acrylic Paint
- Monstera Stencil
(I made my own stencil, you can download it here!)

Download, print and cut out my Monstera stencil onto a piece of cardstock (or you can make your own stencil or freehand if you fancy like that).

Pull off a big chunk of clay and kneed the ball of clay in your hands until its warm and pliable. Using a rolling pin or something oblong shaped, roll your clay flat into a large oval. I was shooting for around 1/4 inch thick of clay, if it is too thin, your leaf will break apart really easily so keep it thick.


Roll out your clay

Place the stencil over top your clay and trace entire shape with the butt end of your paintbrush or a pencil, including the holes. This way you have a nice outline of the shape to help you cut!


Place your stencil and trace away

Remove the stencil and proceed to cut the shape out with an x-acto knife or butter knife. Remove the extra clay and store for your next project.


Cut out your leaf

Once you have your shape cut out, clean up your edges a bit with your knife. You don’t need to go too crazy, you will sandpaper it down later. tip: use water to smooth out your edges!


Clean up your edges

Place your Monstera leaf (carefully!) into a round object such as a mixing bowl or Tupperware. Basically you are just looking for something in your house that is large and curved to give the dish a little bit of a leaf curl effect. Let it dry for 24 hours at least, I left mine in the bowl for around 36 hours. If you are using oven-bake clay, bake according to your clay’s packaging in an oven-safe dish for the curl effect. Let it cool in the same dish you baked it in.


Place into a round mold or bowl

Grab that sandpaper and clean up your leaf. I sanded down all the sides and inside the holes to give it a clean appearance. I noticed once it dried completely the clay kind of shifted a bit so the sandpaper really helps, I wouldn’t skip this step.

Paint that bad boy! Go traditional with a deep green or be bold and try a gold or maybe a pale pink. Artists discretion - go nuts! Glaze the front face of the leaf and rims but you don’t need to glaze the bottom.


Paint + glaze it up

Voila! You are done! Now it is time to marvel at your awesome DIY-ness. Put your knick knacks in it, some jewelry or place it next to your front door and place your keys in it. Whatever you wanna do, do it!

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